The information below outlines some of the software options available to parents who may wish to impose some restricitions on what their children can view or access on the internet.

Closer To Home Systems DOES NOT recommend any particular piece of software and provides the links and information below for your own perusal and judgement.

Please be aware that NO software can effectively prevent anyone from accessing anything on the internet if there is an intent to access that something in particular.

ALL CHILDREN and especially young teeenagers should be supervised by an adult when accessing the internet. The computer should be in a public room in the household, NOT in a childs bedroom.

As of 1st January 2000 the Australian Federal Government has legislated to attempt to prevent easy access to undesirable internet content. The legislation and the means of preventing access prescribed by this legislation will do nothing to prevent anyone accessing anything on the internet if there is an intent to access that something in particular. The legislation is totally and utterly unworkable and will promote a false sense of security to those concerned with restriction access to undesirable material and or content to children.


<> Cyber Patrol

Cyber Patrol is an Internet access management utility that also manages application usage from your PC. Cyber Patrol allows parents or teachers to manage computer use in their own household or classroom. Cyber Patrol controls access from any computer to the Internet. The controlled applications include any Winsock-compliant Internet applications. Examples of these are Netscape, Microsoft Network, or CompuServe. Cyber Patrol loads during start-up and runs in the background to control access to all associated applications.

<> Cyber Sitter

CYBERsitter 99 gives the parent or other concerned individual the ability to limit their children's access to objectionable material on the Internet. Parents can choose to block, block and alert, or simply alert them when access is attempted to these areas.

<> Family Cam

FamilyCAM is password protected and allows parents to easily monitor their children's computer and online activity. For each child you may have FamilyCAM record all activity in a text log as well as grab snapshots of everything your child is viewing.

<> Kid Control

This program runs silently from your system tray, monitoring and recording everything your children types while online. Parents can retrieve this later for viewing. You can even capture screen shots for later viewing of exactly what is being seen by the kids.

<> Net Nanny

Allows YOU to monitor, screen and block access to anything residing on, or running in, out or through your PC, on-line or off. Its two-way screening in real-time and only YOU determine what is screened with the help of our site list which can be downloaded free from this site.

<> Prudence

Prudence is a tool that allows parents to monitor what their children view on the web. Prudence makes copies of content (cached files, URL history, bookmarks, cookies, recent documents) and saves them in an encrypted folder. It can be viewed only by the parent, and is a compendium of the child's web browsing activity. Prudence also e-mails the parent at work with a list of URLs the child has viewed.

<> Spector

A great parental control utility that allows you to actually preview what other using your computer have been viewing on the Internet or the desktop. Spector takes hundreds of quick snapshots each hour and sorts them in chronological order so that you can browse through them easily.

<> We-Blocker

User friendly Internet filtering software that protects your family from objectionable Internet material. Fully customizable, parents can block sites, monitor activity, and assign user accounts for each family member.

<> WinGuardian

WinGuardian presents an innovative approach to monitoring the surfing on your browser. Version 2.0 also includes screen capture, the added ability to e-mail log files at timed intervals and an improved keystroke capture function. WinGuardian runs completely hidden, tracking all the browsing that's going on. It also adds a measure of security to other Windows 95 features, with extended configuration options to set up the user's abilities. WinGuardian is an excellent monitoring program.