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Dial in Numbers

Caboolture 01 9833 1344 56k modem & 64/128k ISDN
Brisbane 07 3295 3295 56k modem & 64/128k ISDN
Rest of Australia 01 9833 1344 56k modem & 64/128k ISDN


Please ring telstra on 12552 to confirm that any number is a local call to you before using it on a regular basis, STD phone bills are not pleasent.
Please ensure you use your full email address as the username ie

Modem connection speeds over a Phone Line - from the horses mouth!

What are the guaranteed network data transmission levels?

Telstra guarantees network data transmission level of 2400bps (2.4kbps).

Advise customers that they can generally achieve the best performance for data transmission over their telephone service by using a quality V.34 standard modem.

Make sure the customer has an Austel approved modem.

Remember, if the customer is experiencing problems achieving 2400bps transmission they may have a line fault and it should be reported to Telstra's fault number.

Residential customers 1100

Commercial customers 132999

Corporate customers 132255

[Dave's Note] Always record in a log every conversation/dealing you have with Telstra. Keep complete details! Ask every person you speak to for their full name and the position they hold and record it. Record times and dates of all conversations and carefully note them in your log.   Telstra must credit your phone account if they do not respond or fix your problem within set time limits. Amounts vary according to the problem experienced. When all else fails contact the Telecommunications Industry Onbudsman and lodge a complaint using your log book to specify in detail all the events leading to your complaint. They will then implement an action on your behalf if they feel you have a genuine complaint and Telstra will have to pay the costs of that investigation. If you get stuck please ring me and I will assist you where possible.